Strategic /Basal Implant


The process of “Immediate Load Implantology” (ILI) solves the fundamental problem today. Each implant is anchored at least at two locations in the cortical bone.

Conventional Implant


Oral or Dental Implants have opened the door to the 21st century in dentistry and oral rehabilitation. They have increased the treatment possibilities for patients and improved the functional results of their treatment.

Dental Implants


Dental Implants with fixed teeth- within 3 days
Implant supported Fixed teeth
Implant supported Denture
Sinus lifting and Implant placement.

Cosmetic procedures


Smile designing Tooth Veneers and Bleaching Pinna repair
Tooth Veneers and Bleaching Pinna repair
Lip correction,
Face lift Scar removal [surgical and laser]
Hair transplant

Prosthetic Rehabilitation


Occlusal Rehabilitation Eye
Ear and Nose reconstruction
Jaw defect recons truction
Cleft lip and Cleft palate reconstruction
Nail reconstruction

Oral cancer


Oral Cancer Detection and Rehabilitation after surgical removal
Treatment of Pre -Malignant conditions
Detection procedures and biopsy of Oral cancer lesion

Gum care


Laser treatment of gummy smile and esthetic corrections
Treatment of Pyorrhoea Laser stain removal
Laser stain removal

Surgical treatments


Trauma and fracture of face jaw, teeth .
Painless surgical removal of tumors, cyst
Painless removal of teeth

Routine Dental Treatments


Root canal treatment
Fixed crown and bridge
Teeth filling and restorative treatments
Dentures Orthodontic treatment (braces)